Wigan Warriors: Davies forced to retire on medical grounds

Wigan Warriors forward Macauley Davies has been forced to retire at the age of 22 on medical grounds.

It was discovered that he suffers from Chiari Malformation.

Chiari Malformation is a condition where lower parts of the brain have been pushed downwards towards the spinal cord.

The pre-existing condition was discovered when Davies visited a specialist as part of the return-to-play head injury protocols after suffering a concussion whilst playing for Swinton Lions.

Davies made his debut for the Warriors against Wakefield in July 2016.

“To be told your dream of playing rugby league since a little boy is over is the hardest thing I have ever had to hear,” he told the club website.

“To have to make a decision if I want to take a risk and carry on with my dream or to finish it is truly heart-breaking.

“For me the risks are too high and I have no choice – I have to accept that my health and life are more important than continuing to play.”

Wigan Warriors Executive Director, Kris Radlinski said: “We are all desperately sorry for Macauley. He has been a pleasure to work with, deeply committed to represent his hometown team. To have his dreams ruined is heart-breaking for him and his family.

Life after sport is inevitable for all players but it is sad when something like this happens to a player at the start of his journey. Macauley is a strong individual and I have no doubt that he will go on to be successful in another field”.


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