Rugby league clubs have voted to scrap the Super 8s format and return to a conventional promotion and relegation system from 2019 after 66% of teams voted for change.

There will still be 12 teams within Super League and it will be one team up, one team down.

The changes mean that the side who finish bottom of the league after 29 regular-season fixtures will be relegated from Super League, compared to the current Super 8s format in which the bottom four teams and The Championship’s top four teams to fight for Super League status.

The 29 regular-season fixtures will include each team playing each other both home and away, six loop-fixtures and the Magic Weekend

Super League will also reintroduce a top-five play-off system which means that the higher up the table the clubs finish, the easy it will be to reach the Grand Final.


Championship and League One clubs also met alongside RFL Chief Executive Ralph Rimmer to discuss the structure of their competitions going forward.

This means that the 2019 season have a 12 team Super League in which the top five teams enter the play-offs to decide champions. The bottom-placed team  is relegated into a 14 team Championship.

The top five teams in the Championship play-off with the winner promoted. The bottom two teams ate then relegated into 12 team League One.

In League One the team who finished top of the table will be promoted automatically, teams placed second to sixth will then play-off for the second promotion spot.

The new structure also means that Bradford Bulls and York City Knights have been automatically promoted to the Championship.



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