RFL League Restructure: Further Changes On The Horizon

With the regional leagues being wrapped up in style with a classic Harry Jepson Trophy final between the All Golds and North Herts Crusaders, details of a new league structure for the 2020 season have been laid out on the table.

The new Super League structure was announced on Friday afternoon and this new structure for clubs lower down the ladder is even bigger news in terms of the future of rugby league in this country.

This new structure if fully implemented over time, would mean that the widest national base possible would exist so that it could withstand a comprehensive league pyramid entailing promotion and relegation throughout the nation

In short, the new structure would see a new Southern Premier or League One South competition which could be implemented as early as next season.

Promotion and relegation are key elements and will be introduced earlier so long as clubs are sufficiently strong enough commercially, infrastructure, and player wise.

The new league will most likely be standards driven with both on and off the field requirements having to be reached by clubs.

The ultimate and preferred target is a league that will consist of 12 teams compromised from two teams from each of the current English and Welsh Regions.

This new structure should keep clubs on their toes and enable any club in any part of the land to see a clear route of progression.

In order for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup to be supported by a strong national league structure it is important for this to be in place. It should hopefully create a more commercially marketable sports and will reap benefits for benefits for Super League,the World Cup and the game as a whole through media exposure and merchandise.

The finer details are currently being worked on within the RFL and the final details will be announced shortly.

Realistically, the new competition could kick off in 2020 but the 2019 season would see all of the off field foundation work implemented.



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