Raiders romp to win adding to Broncos woes

The 15th-placed Brisbane Broncos looked to put an end to a horrible week as they travelled to the nation’s Capital to face a Canberra Raiders side fighting for a spot in the top-eight.

Despite the absence of Anthony Seibold on the sideline plus Tevita Pangai Junior, Matt Lodge and Isaac Luke on the field, it was the Broncos who score first.

Kotoni Staggs escaped down the right edge following an offload from David Fifita, kicked back inside and Jesse Arthars chased on to score the first points of the game.

The Raiders looked to have hit back in the 13th minute as George Williams threw a long rainbow pass out to Jordan Rapana and the winger slid over past Arthars and Staggs to score.

The Game became very niggly over the next 20 minutes with both sides making plenty of error with the ball in hand and when putting boot to ball.

Multiple set restarts to the Broncos on the 10-metre line gave the visitors an attacking opportunity just after the half-hour mark.

The Raiders seemed to be holding on well but after a knock-on from Williams in an attempted interception, they were awarded a 10-metre scrum in midfield.

Both Fifita and Darius Boyd went close, but after the fifth kick from Boyd, the ball bounced and ricocheted off anything and everything, it ended up in the hands of Herbie Farnworth who grounded the ball for the lead.

Staggs once again missed with the conversion to leave the scores at 6-8.

HALF-TIME: Canberra Raiders 6-8 Brisbane Broncos

Just five minutes into the second half the Raiders picked up the first points of the second half.

John Bateman beat Brodie Croft on the outside, squared up Boyd and passed inside to his fellow Englishman Williams who scored under the posts.

Just under ten minutes later, the offloading skills of the Raiders caused the Broncos all sorts of problems.

Joseph Tapine offloaded to George Williams, who dragged in Boyd, then passed out to Curtis Scott who then released Nick Cotric to drop over the line.

Minutes later, Rapana looed to have scored in the corner after good ball skills from Jarrod Croker but unfortunately, the winger lost control of the ball in the air.

Moments later, Williams assisted yet another try from his boot.

A deft kick over the top was read perfectly by John Bateman and they pushed their lead to 16 points after the Croker conversion.

A quickfire second came in the very next set as Croker made a break down the left, and kicked back inside for Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad to chase, step past Boyd and score.

Canberra picked up try number six in the 65th minute after Corey Harawira-Naera made a huge break, through the middle of the field.

Scott held off Farnworth but then offloaded to Cotric who was not going to be denied from five metres out.

With eight minutes to go, Rapana find himself grounding the ball on the left-wing once again after a floating pass from Jack Wighton.

However, he brushed the touchline before scoring, but it was called a penalty against the Broncos after a high tackle from Staggs.

After a tap penalty on the 10-metre line, Wighton cut back against the grain and walked through a poor Broncos defensive effort but the play was brought back after Siliva Havili obstructed Thomas Fleger.

The Broncos worked their way up to the Canberra line in the 78th minute, with Farnworth finding himself over the line, but the young entre couldn’t keep a hold on the ball.

Harawira-Naera went close in the final play of the game but couldn’t quite regather his own kick through and the final hooter blew.

FULL-TIME: Canberra Raiders 36-8 Brisbane Broncos


Canberra Raiders

Nicoll-Klokstad, Rapana, Croker, Scott, Cotric, Wighton, Williams, Papalii, Havili, Lui, Bateman, Whitehead, Sutton

Interchanges: Young, Starling, Tapine, Harawira-Naera

Tries: Rapana, Williams, Cotric (2), Bateman, Nicoll-Klokstad

Goals: Croker (6/6)

Brisbane Broncos

Boyd, Kennar, Staggs, Farnworth, Arthars, Croft, Dearden, Flegler, Turpin, Haas, Fifita, Te’o, Carrigan

Interchanges: Paix, Riki, Ofahengaue, Kennedy

Tries: Arthars, Farnworth

Goals: Staggs (0/2)

Referee: C. Sutton

Touch Judges: B. Sharpe, D. Oultram

Video Referee: B. Galea

Image Source: @NRL (twitter)

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