NEW LOOK… and not just for us

After falling short towards the end of last season, due to many reasons, we would like to announce we have a smart new look for the 2020 season.

We have kept the Golden Point name but have altered our Logo and the type of news we will cover.

Having looked through our stats, we have come to realise that Match Reports are one of the least read articles on the page. Due to this, we will be reducing the amount of reports being published.

Instead we will have more opinion pieces and statistic based articles. We will hope to continue coverage of the Southern Conference League and more about the community game at all levels.

As you can see, Super League have also updated their image ahead of 2020, with the fixtures for next season being announced tomorrow.

We believe it’s a smarter look for the competition, but with all changes in Rugby League, it has seen some negative comments as well as positive ones.

Let’s all hope 2020 is mostly positive season for both us and the sport.

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