COVID-19: Casty refusing to train or play

Catalans Dragons captain Remi Casty has announced he will not train or play for the club while there remains a chance of him contracting COVID-19.

The 35-year-old has told the Perpignan-based newspaper, L’Independent, that he fears passing on the virus to someone more vulnerable than himself.

“I’m not sick, I’m not afraid of being either, but I don’t want to catch this virus and pass it on to someone more fragile,” said Casty.

“You have to be responsible for your actions, it is not a simple flu and we have not known a health crisis of this magnitude.

“I have just warned my teammates and the staff that I will not be present tomorrow [Monday] in training. I made this decision and I will stick to it.”

Rugby league was one of the few elite-level sports to continue as normal at the weekend and Casty fears the virus is being underestimated in the United Kingdom.

“They are on an island, maybe they feel more protected than us or superiors,” he said

“I have the impression that they are adopting another strategy, hoping the virus will pass faster than in France.

“This is only my opinion, in relation to what I read or see.”

Super League and the RFL are still yet to make a call on how to best proceed with the sport with an announcement expected at some point this afternoon.

Following Leeds refusal to travel to Perpignan and Toronto standing down their entire first-team squad because of coronavirus fears, it’s expected the season will either be suspended or continued behind closed doors.

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