2020 Coral Challenge Cup Draw

The road to Wembley has official started as the draw for the 2020 Coral Challenge Cup First Round has been completed.

44 community Rugby League teams now know what lies ahead of them on the weekend of January 11th/12th.

The Full Draw is as follows:

Rochdale Mayfield vs London Chargers
Great Britain Police vs Torfaen Tigers
Edinburgh Eagles vs Ashton Bears
Leigh Miners Rangers vs Stanningley
Underbank Rangers vs Lock Lane
West Bank Bears vs Royal Navy
Featherstone Lions vs West Bowling
British Army vs Oulton Raiders
Normanton Knights vs Longhorns
Barrow Island vs Rhondda Outlaws
Pilkington Recs vs West Hull
Thornhill Trojans vs Thatto Heath
York Acorn vs Hammersmith Hills Hoists
Siddal vs Saddleworth Rangers
Sherwood Wolf Hunt vs Wests Warriors
WIgan St Patricks vs Dewsbury Moor
Distington vs Bedford Tigers
Milford vs Wigan St Judes
Upton vs Jarrow Vikings
Skirlaugh vs Hunslet Club Parkside
Royal Air Force vs Bentley
Ince Rose Bridge vs East Hull

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